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WTF? Really, it’s not what you think it is.

Welcome to Weekly Tournament fishing!

“I used to love fishing tournaments and fished them every week until my job required me to work Saturdays, this was the day on which most tournaments fell. In order to fish a tournament I was going to have to make one. I was off Sundays and Mondays so I tried Monday night tournaments and it was too close to the weekend. Then I tried Sunday Mornings and it has been a party ever since. Fast forward over 3 years later and I now have my weekends back so I once again fish the bigger tournaments but my dad and I enjoy the Sunday tournaments so I’m keeping them going.
This need for fun fishing events is why you guys will see me and/or my equipment used in other series’.
I hope you enjoy fishing with me every week as much as I enjoy fishing with you all!”
Jarrod Sanders

To break it down, this is what WTF is:
A group of fish men, and fisher ladies who enjoy fishing as much as anyone without the need to pay membership dues or are required to go to boring meetings. We fish, It’s what we do. We have no time for the politics and things that are meaningless out on the water. We leave the world behind us at first light and are gone. See ya at weigh-in!
Or goal is to go out and fish. Nothing more, nothing less.
We use a ProTournamentScales H2 Scale system(certified) connected to a remote display.
We have year round tournaments and hop around each week on one of the highland lakes. Mostly Lake Travis, Lake LBJ, or Lake Buchanan.
Starting January 2020 we will have an Angler of the Month. This special person will receive a special gift and no, it will not be something you do not want.
We stick around after weigh-in and provide a snack, well, how about a sausage wrap?
We are not going to tell you not to take advantage of your time off, so, crack a beer, we do not mind. Just stay cool, and legal and all is good. Wear your life jackets and make sure you kill switch is on. In a blink of an eye your day or life can be ruined.
I strive to make these tournaments as fun and professional as possible. I am always open to suggestions. If a new idea is presented me, I will propose it to my “regulars” and if warranted we can try it out. Whether it is constructive criticism, suggestions or complaints, I welcome any input. I do not know it all but do what I do know to the best of my abilities. Help is always good.

Come join us out on the water, remember, all tournaments are always open to anyone, even if you think you are a Pro.

We shall see!


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